For those of us who are grieving, holidays and special occasions can be bittersweet and very painful, as we wish our loved ones were right here beside us celebrating too.

However, from my spiritual work and own personal experiences, as well as thousands of others I have ministered to since 1998, I have come to learn that our loved ones in Heaven are like angels on our shoulders now. They would never miss an important occasion in our lives, because our special occasions are important to them too!

Loved ones will often let us know that they are right there celebrating with us by the many different “signs” they will give us. For instance:

Christmas – a tree ornament that you connect to them, may be the only one to fall off your tree. Or your Christmas tree lights might suddenly start flashing on and off when you walk into the room.

Hanukkah and Birthdays – a candle might start to wave wildly at you, as if to say, “Hi, I am here with you always.”

Although our loved ones are around us watching over us, and gently guiding us, especially during holidays and special occasions, they will let us know they are with at other times in our lives too.

Some afterlife signs to be on the lookout for that are listed in my book, God’s Gift of Love: After-Death Communications are:

1. Dreams that are comforting.
2. Visions of a loved one.
3. Pets and children can see spirits. Pets will visit us from Heaven too.
4. Audio & Music – you may hear their voice or their favorite song.
5. Godincidences – those coincidences that seem to be directed by Heaven.
6. Telepathic Thoughts.
7. Scents of your loved one.
8. Touches that are gentle.
9. Presence – feeling their strong presence at that moment in time.
10. Electrical Manipulations of TVs, lights, radios, garage doors.
11. Computers sending photos or music or emails from a loved one.
12. Phone calls, texts, answering machines messages, caller IDs from loved ones.
13. Photos that fall.
14. Objects that belong to them that suddenly show up.
15. Gifts from someone unexpectedly received on a special occasion.
16. Coins that mysteriously appear out of thin air.
17. Butterflies, dragonflies, birds, animals, insects that act like they know you.
18. Rainbows, shooting stars, and special cloud formations.
19. Numbers, license plates, and receipts that have significance to you.
20. Candles that suddenly start waving to you, or come on by themselves.

Because these “signs” are often experienced after praying for one, I believe they are a gift from God’s heart to replace our heart’s sorrow with tender moments of joy. To remind us that our loved ones can still see and hear us and are just a thought away. So keep on talking and writing letters to your loved ones, for they love the communication from you! Never feel guilty about smiling and having joy in your heart again! This is what they want for us, because it gives them even more joy to see us feeling joy!

May God bless and comfort you.

Christine Duminiak, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist


Author, God’s Gift of Love: After-Death Communications
Author, Grammy Visits From Heaven
Author, Heaven Talks To Children: Afterlife Contacts, Spiritual Gifts and Loving Messages 
Co-Author, Grief Diaries: Hello From Heaven




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Christine Duminiak

Christine Duminiak has been in the field of spiritual bereavement support since 1998. She is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, radio co-host and author. Christine has appeared on The Fox & Friends TV Show, Good Day Philadelphia, The God Squad TV Show, NBC's Arizona Midday Show, NBC's The 10! Show, the Fox News Strategy Room, NBC and CBS News in Philadelphia, Open To Hope TV, Coast To Coast AM, The Medical View with Dr. Beth DuPree, Open To Hope with Drs. Gloria and Heidi Horsley and other radio shows around the country. -- A Certified Grief Recovery® Specialist -- Author of “Grammy Visits From Heaven” , "Grandpa Visits From Heaven,"Heaven Talks To Children" ,"After-Death Communications; God's Gift of Love”; co-author of Grief Diaries: Hello From Heaven. She is a contributor to the Grief Diaries Anthologies (AlyBlue Media). -- An International Spiritual Bereavement Recovery Facilitator -- Radio co-host of Ask the Angels on BlogTalkRadio -- The Founder of Prayer Wave for ADC’s--a non-denominational grief support and prayer group. -- A contributing writer to Open To Hope Foundation. -- The music composer and voice of the guided meditation CD, “Meditation of God’s Love and Healing--For Those Who Grieve ©.” Christine travels around the country teaching about afterlife signs at her "Signs From Heaven" (after-death communication seminars) and co-conducts with Sunni Welles their "Bridges to Heaven—For Those Who Grieve Seminars". Duminiak has given talks to The National Conference of The Compassionate Friends, National Gathering of Bereaved Parents of U.S.A., MADD, Rotary Clubs, children's groups and general bereavement groups. She has counseled Veterans and Gold Star Families. A Certified Reflexologist and a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner, Duminiak has volunteered her time and skills to hospice and cancer patients, for women in crisis pregnancies shelters, and for women transitioning from substance abuse shelters.

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