Poem: The New Lana

I miss the old Lana?
The one who was so silly and carefree
The one who could find joy and something good in any situation.

What became of the Lana that people used to love?
Where did she go? Will she return?
Can she return?

What happened to the old Lana?
I miss her so much
Not only do I have to mourn the loss of my daughter,
I have to mourn the loss of me.

The old Lana died the day Alicia died.
I pray she can find her way back, somehow.

Will someone show her the way?
I need the old Lana to return to me.

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  • Heidi says:


    I understand. I am not myself and my daughter is not even gone yet. The pain is heavy. I will pray for you.

  • Janie says:

    Lana,I am so sorry for you and I know exactly how you are feeling.My 12 year old daughter died on June 2 2007 and I feel as thou my heart is dead also.I can’t get passed the loss.I used to go to work with a smile and happy aditude.Always a good morning to all and now I just cant seam to get with it.I cry all day.I am a letter carrier and sometimes it seams as thou I am looking through a waterfall instead of just my tears.I know she is safe with God and in a much better place now than we are but I miss her so much and knowing it just dosn’t seam to be of comfort.People tell me it will get better but how ?
    The old lana perhaps you need to be the new one nowPerhaps we must find a way to make their passing mean something .I am going to write my daughters story.I want people to know her and see what a joy she was.I want to keep her memry alive and I will in this way.Thinkingof it seams to help.Its kind of a way to be close to her for me Maybe you can do this for yourself and it may help you…God bless you and help you find a way,his ay..Janie

  • Lora Dillingham says:

    Lana, I feel your heartache. My dear Sarah Lee passed away on Dec. 22,1992, just 6 days before her second birthday. Your poem touched my soul like nothing I have read in the 15 years since her death. I say to myself nearly everyday that I died with her and wish I could be me again. I have spent my life since then rebuilding a life as a differant person. Someone I really dont know but must pretend to exist for the 3 wonderful girls I have had since. Thank you so much for showing me I am not crazy, there are others who feel the same.