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Heather?s note to her friend, who just lost her husband, reminds us all how difficult it is for the school year to start without our special people.? Heather is a school teacher and my daughter and Heidi?s sister.? I wanted to share this note with all of you because I was so touched with how she shared her brother?s death in order to help a friend.? Thanks for all of you and take special care of yourselves for the next few weeks.? Dr. Gloria?
Gloria C. Horsley Ph.D.


Hope the first days of school are happy for your girls. Probably best for them to be back in the routine. Probably hard that dad?s not around for those first days. Hard on you and them. Anyway my brother died in a car accident when I was 14 and my mother and sister have devoted their lives to helping people understand and cope with death.?
My sister actually moved to Manhattan to work on a study with Columbia University on sudden death, it is a 9/11 study, but she obviously deals with a lot of widows. Anyway they have a radio show and it is on the internet on Thursdays, it deals with all kinds of? deaths.
?I know that on Sept 6 they are doing widows, where are they now 6 years after the death. They also have a blog and both love to talk and you are welcome to email them. You can tell them you?re my friend? in Park City (I?ve told them about you). My sister is also a child psychologist so she works a lot with kids. There is a place here called the Sharing Place, it?s in SLC and it?s for kids.

Anyway if you don?t catch the show it?s recorded and you can listen anytime in the future. If you need anything let me know.

I am thinking about you and your family.
Heather Johnson (my sister) (my mom) There is a lot of useful information here that can help.


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