Beverly Chantalle McManus

Beverly Chantalle McManus serves as Vice President and on the Board of Directors for the Open to Hope Foundation. She has over 25 years of experience as a marketing executive for professional services organizations, including some of the world’s largest legal, accounting, health care, consulting, architecture and engineering firms. She has edited and co-written numerous published books and professional articles across a range of topics. After the death of her husband Steve in 2003, she began focusing on grief and bereavement support, and for the past 13 years, has been a bereavement facilitator, and core team member of the Stepping Stones on Your Grief Journey Workshops. She is a frequent speaker and writer on the topic of loss and grief and is one of the featured writers for the Open to Hope website, for which she publishes a regular column. She has served on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Waldorf School and is active in the community, arts, and civic enhancement initiatives. She and her two daughters reside in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Ideas for Widows or Widowers with Teenagers who are Grieving the Loss of their Parent

This week’s column was written by my 24-year-old daughter Emily.   I had asked her for suggestions for widows or widowers with teenagers who are grieving the loss of their […]

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Life Will Never Be the Same — But You Can Get Through This

In response to “How Do I Cope After the Death of My Husband?” Arlene writes: I lost my husband a week ago today, I buried him yesterday. One minute I […]

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Let’s All Take Advantage of the Widow! Dealing with Manipulative Family and Friends

Martha from Utah writes: Your blog comments would have been of immense help the first couple of years after my husband’s death.  We had been married for 45 years.   […]

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I Just Want this Pain to End — Now! Carving Out the Time and Energy to Grieve

In response to Widows – Honor The Pain, No Need To “Suck It Up”, Suzy Aguilar writes, “My husband passed away on May 30, 2008 — yes 5 months ago.  […]

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(Not So) Happy Birthday! Dealing with Birthdays, Anniversaries and Other Traumatic Dates

Whether it is the birthday of your spouse who has died, your wedding anniversary, or even the anniversary of the death, traumatic dates bring back so many memories, and also […]

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He Loved those Slippers — Dealing with the Belongings of Your Departed Spouse

The closet full of his shirts, ties, jackets and slacks.   His well worn slippers next to his side of the bed.   His wallet and eyeglasses.   His razor […]

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When Things Go to Hell in a Handbasket — Coping with the Financial Aspects of Spouse Loss

For most of our 20 years of marriage, Steve very capably handled all the finances and paperwork for our household.   He brought his skills as an accountant and legal […]

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Doesn’t God Listen? — Coming To Grips With The Spiritual Aspects Of Spouse Loss

My prayers started the moment Steve was diagnosed with esophageal cancer:   “Please God, please, send a miracle.   Let him be in the 15% of those who statistically beat […]

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The Pain Was So Intense — Dealing with the Emotions of Spouse Loss

My entry into widowhood began in 2002 when our family was enjoying a long-awaited summer vacation in Hawaii and my husband Steve noticed he was having trouble swallowing.  It wasn’t […]

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His Death Shattered Me — How Spouse Loss Affects Us Physically

When Steve died several years ago, I felt so lost… He’d been diagnosed six month earlier, but for each of those days, I kept expecting (and praying) that a miracle […]

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