Our son Billy crossed over to heaven on June 26, 2004, four days before his 29th birthday. Billy was killed instantly while riding his ATV at night, hitting a tree.

My first goal was to try to survive the next day and make sure that my wife Jo-Anne and our other son, Robert, were OK. Beyond that, my goal was to find a way to make a connection with our son, Billy, in heaven.

I had tried on my own in different ways for a few months without any success. That all changed when my wife Jo-Anne asked me if I would be willing to visit a spirit messenger named Vicki Monroe. I said yes.

What helped signal my recovery and my turning point was a meeting we had with Vicki on February 16, 2005. Our reading with Vicki was amazing and helped take a huge load off of my mind. I was able to connect with Billy and hear things that only my wife and I would know. He told us that he was OK. This was comforting, and it was a beginning  my gradual healing process.

My healing process has been a  continuing  process.  Our visit with Vicki was a part of my healing; the other part was that I had been researching on different ways that our loved ones can and do make contact with us, and I noticed that through photographs, they will give us signs that they are nearby.

So about two months later, I began to take photographs at random to see if I could receive any signs from Billy through that form, and sure enough we did, in the form of spirit orbs, spirit essence and  my favorite, the heart-shaped images of the moon, street lights and of our Christmas tree lights. You can see these photographs and learn more about Billy and connection with the spirit world by visiting  www.oursonbilly.com.

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Guy Dusseault

Guy Dusseault

Guy Dusseault who was born in 1955 is husband to Jo-Anne and father to Bill and Robert. Guy is a self-employed mason contractor and in 2005 after the loss of thier son Billy began a website www.oursonbilly.com in Billy’s honor which deals with grief and what helped Guy and Jo-Anne in thier recovery. With his wife Jo-Anne’s help they started a scholarship fund in Billy’s name. Over the past few years Guy has collected thousands of spiritual photographs, (signs from Billy & other who have crossed over to heaven ). And in 2006 Guy became author of a new book called Signs From Our Loved Ones, based on his expriences with the loss of his son Billy and the amazing signs from our loved ones from heaven. Guy has been on radio with Bernard Ilsely of psychic radio in England, Bridge between the two worlds with Pamela Edmunds and on the Afterlife radio show

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