Should Daughter Protect Elderly Father From Bad Woman?

Karen writes in with a question: Our mother passed away two years ago, and we have recently found out that our dad is dating again. My brothers and I do have an issue with him dating, but we have an issue with the character of person choice to date. How should my brothers and I handle our senior citizen father dating an acquaintance of his son’s that the entire family knows is a drug addict and a prostitute?

Dr. Gloria Horsley, founder of Open to Hope, responds:

Dear Karen,

First let me say how sorry I am to hear of the death of your mother.  Since you refer to your father as a “senior citizen,” I would assume that your parents were married for many years.  Being alone after years of togetherness is a huge adjustment.  It is rather ironic that in your question you said, “My brothers and I “do” have an issue with him dating.”  I assume you meant to say “don’t.”  I would frankly say good for your dad dating again. It says he had a good marriage and misses having a woman in his life.  Tread very carefully as the woman you are calling a “drug addict and prostitute” may end-up being your step-mother.  Flash back to when you were dating. Parental disapproval often drives couples together.  Better you be kind, considerate and understanding to your dad and his friend which puts you in a better position to encourage a prenuptial agreement if the relationship moves on to marriage.

Dr. Gloria

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