By Guy Dusseault

Our story begins on June 27, 2004, a beautiful Sunday morning. At around 10:00 am, our lives changed forever. We received the most devastating news any parent could ever receive, that one of our children had died. Our son Billy was killed when the ATV he was riding at night hit a tree.

For the next eight months, we just tried to survive the next day, and I began attempting to make contact with Billy. It seemed like a natural next step. I had to find a way to connect with Billy. I had no idea how or if it was possible.

Then my wife Jo-Anne asked if I would like to visit a spirit messenger named Vicki Monroe. It was now February 2005. Meeting with Vicki Monroe changed everything; we were able to make a connection with our son Billy for over an hour. Billy told us that he was happy, safe and healthy. Billy did not want us to worry about him; rather, he wanted us to move ahead with our lives. He told us all about the accident and that his job here on earth was completed, that it was time to go home to heaven.

Our story gets even more amazing, I remembered surfing the internet and reading about how loved ones can give us signs that they are still near to us, and one of the ways was through photographs. About two months after our meeting with Vicki Monroe, I started taking photographs at random to see if anything would appear on camera. I began to receive signs from Billy right away in the form of “orbs” or sparks of light and streaking lights. I then began to keep a daily log of my photographs.

The day that I knew that this was going to be something special was August 20, 2005, a few months into taking these types of photographs.  That’s the day that there were so many spirits, spirit orbs or sparks of light that I knew that this was more than just taking photographs for myself and that there had to be a purpose for me to be taking all of these pictures. I found out later through Vicki Monroe that there was a reason, and that was to let others know that our loved ones are with us and that they try to let us know that they are here with us.

One of the most exciting type of photos that we have are those that some people call mist, smoky mist, or foggy mist. The term I like to use is Spirit Essence.  As soon as the flash goes off I can see where the spirit or spirits are. They don’t always show up in the photo, but I can see their location for a second or two when the flash goes off, and they are more beautiful seeing them with the naked eye than on camera.

You can go to to view some of these photos: among them is the October 21, 2005, photo of the heart shaped moon with the spirit essence. I am stunned at how perfect the heart shape is. To me, it’s a sign from Billy as he sends us his love.

Guy Dusseault is author Signs from Our Loved Ones. More information is available, along with many photographs, at

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Guy Dusseault

Guy Dusseault

Guy Dusseault who was born in 1955 is husband to Jo-Anne and father to Bill and Robert. Guy is a self-employed mason contractor and in 2005 after the loss of thier son Billy began a website in Billy’s honor which deals with grief and what helped Guy and Jo-Anne in thier recovery. With his wife Jo-Anne’s help they started a scholarship fund in Billy’s name. Over the past few years Guy has collected thousands of spiritual photographs, (signs from Billy & other who have crossed over to heaven ). And in 2006 Guy became author of a new book called Signs From Our Loved Ones, based on his expriences with the loss of his son Billy and the amazing signs from our loved ones from heaven. Guy has been on radio with Bernard Ilsely of psychic radio in England, Bridge between the two worlds with Pamela Edmunds and on the Afterlife radio show

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