~~Music in Mourning~~

Oh how misery sings to me,
in wailing moans of agony.
With shrieks and groans as overtones,
within a dismal symphony.

And woe; it rings from somber strings,
and echoes with the winds.
It rumbles like a perpetual storm,
amidst weeping violins.

And lo, how confounding it can be.
Deciphering tones that lack rhythm and flow,
and trumpet the disharmony.

And though, it plays for me alone,
the constant mournful steady drone,
is an endless tribute unto thee.

John French 2011


John French

My name is John French. I was born in January of 1968. I own and operate a small remodeling company in Highland, MI. My wife Michelle and I married very young and we celebrated our 20th anniversary in May of 2009. We had two amazing children: Veronica, who is 20, and Brandon, who was 17. We worked very hard to build a life that would afford us the luxury of giving them all the things we never had, including a stable home, committed loving parents and every material thing imaginable (within the means of a middle class family, I should add). Over the last few years, it seemed we had finally arrived, and living was easy. Then Brandon passed away in August of 2009 from an undiagnosed heart condition. The devastation of that one single moment has crushed our view of reality and cast us down into a state of perpetual winter. I’ve been writing all my life, though not publically. Brandon’s death has so overwhelmed me that I can no longer contain my thoughts. Although my stance is undermined by despair, and frosted by the bitterness that follows the loss of my son, I will labor to plant some seeds of promise in the barren future that I'm so unexpectedly tilling. Perhaps something beneficial will stem from my mourning. If you can gather even a grain of hope from my reaping, it may help to sustain you through your own emotional storm.

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