The Promise of Spring

by Lana Golembeski

It is yet another cold blustery day in Minnesota.
As I look out onto the two feet of snow,
I wonder if spring will ever come.
In my eyes, it looks impossible.
How can spring come?
All I can see is snow
and all I can feel is the cold.
And yet, despite all of that,
I know that spring WILL come…
no matter how difficult it is to comprehend at the moment

Isn’t our search for hope and joy again
after losing our children much the same?
I sit here and wonder how I can ever find joy again in my life.
Everything and everyone I have ever loved
has been taken from me.
Just as it looks impossible for spring
to come back to Minnesota,
it looks like I will never have joy and hope again in my life.

But just as spring WILL come,
I must rest assured that joy and hope
will find me again some day.
I don’t know how or when it will happen.
But I hold on fast to my friends and my faith….
waiting for that day…
when joy will break through the broken surface of my heart
and it will spring anew.

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