Poem: Time

TrevorIs Time my friend
Or my enemy?
Yes, Time has washed away the sharp edges
The intensity of the pain
And provided some relief
But will Time rob me of the images
I need to hold on to

Will it take the sound of his voice
Will it take the feel of his tight hug
Will the bright smile fade away
Along with the quick laughter
That always softened my heart

I have a place where he visits
Inside my heart and soul
Whenever I go there
He is waiting
And we talk awhile

When I move around this altered world
I feel his hands on my shoulders
As if to say
You can do it Mom
I know you can

So please Time
Go easy on me
Allow me to savor these images
It’s all that left to me now

Allow his strength and gentleness
To stay with me
And my heart to remain open
While he waits for me

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  • sree says:

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  • mary says:

    These words are how I feel. Thank you so much for posting this poem. Yes, time scares me in one way…and that’s with time will I forget my sons smile, his voice, and Oh!that big bear hug, he loved squeezing me tightly but with love. Thank you so very much for these words that were in my heart but only you could find them to write them here. Thank you so very very much.

  • Krista's Mom says:

    Thank you so much for these words. They are exactly how I feel ~ I miss Krista so desperately!