Poem: A Year Has Passed

A broken heart, mine has become
From a pain that is only known to some

There is no pain like a mother’s pain
Who is unable to see her daughter again

A year has gone, my precious one
When you said, “Mum, come watch the sun”

Hours later, you were called to heaven above
Leaving me astounded and all those you love

No tears can wash away the grief in my heart
Your death has ripped it to pieces apart

The amazing woman you have grown
Blessed with many things, let wit alone

Has been chosen to leave early, by the Lord
Something that no one can prevent, young or old

Although eighteen, yet left life with a mark
An older person could not have been able to spark

A remarkable young woman that no one can replace
Believe me Samar, no one can fill your empty space

All my life for you, dear daughter I will grieve
One year has passed my love, do you believe?

by Randah Ribhi Hamadeh, 2007 Copyright

(The first English poem I ever wrote. It was written on the first anniversary of my daughter’s (Samar Al Ansari) passing. She passed away on September 4th,2006 due to a car accident at the age of 18 years just before joining university.)


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  • Debra Reagan says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. You did an amazing job with your first English poem. Thank you for sharing this very touching poem.


  • I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my only child last summer, 2006. My heart aches for you. Your poem expresses our pain so well! Know we are all here with you…walking the same path….but holding our precious children so close to our hearts! Praying for strength and comfort for you. Hugs! Lana

  • Dear Lana,

    I am very sorry as well that you lost your child in 2006….We will miss them every minute of our day and our night…
    May you find comfort in the memories that you shared and in the fact that you will be meeting again one day….May God give you strngth to go on…If you feel like writing me,please do so without hesitation.Hugs
    Randah Hamadeh