Can you take away my endless pain?
Then, stop preaching! Your plea is in vain

“It is good to do this or do that” you comment
“To have closure and move on and stop your lament”

These words make my heart ache
Please, do not mention them for my sake

I know your intention is to comfort me
However, you are causing me pain, can’t you see?

Time is the best healer everyone says
It will get better and easier throughout the days

You do not understand, it is a shame!
Believe me I know it is out of love, there is no blame

Is it a chapter in a book, which I can turn?
Or an incense stick that I can burn?

There are no seasons for my grief
My tears will keep pouring without relief

Even though her physical presence is no more
I know that she is with me, the daughter I adore

I hope that no mother would have to endure
The heartache that neither time nor words could ever cure.

Randah R. Hamadeh, 2007 Copyright


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