Ilana Estelle

Ilana was born with a disability she didn’t know she had until the age of 46, when something her mum said caused her to look further into her disability and sight of her medical notes revealed that she had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of 2. That discovery turned out to be a unique and life-changing experience that has forced Ilana to stand back and look at her life’s experiences differently. On receipt of her diagnosis, Ilana set up her website, The CP Diary and uses her experiences to explore her emotional and physical health, with an inspiring message advocating positivity, resilience and change. Ilana likes to spend her days writing and blogging about anything that contributes to her health and wellbeing. She is an animal advocate and is passionate about environmental issues. When she is not writing or tending to her blog, Ilana enjoys days out exploring the Yorkshire countryside. Ilana lives with her husband in Yorkshire. Her grown up son and daughter both live in London.


Grief is Complicated

Grief is complicated, it takes time to work through. Losing someone isn’t something you just tell yourself you’re okay with, it’s more complex than that. It’s also not something that […]

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What Does Grief Look and Feel Like?

Grief is different for each of us. One size does not fit all. How Grief Appears The appearance of grief is also different for everyone. Sometimes grief may appear as […]

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Losing a Loved One Makes You Grow Up

Losing a Loved One  The death of a loved one may leave us struggling, not always because someone has passed, but because of the problems they leave behind. When it […]

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