Grief Healing and the Power of Afterlife Signs

Since 1998, during my grief support work, I have observed time and again the remarkable healing affects that take place when the bereaved receive a personal afterlife sign from their departed loved ones. Many who were deeply grieving and in a very dark place would later confide in me that the only reason they did not follow through on their thoughts of suicide was because they had received an afterlife sign.

Types of Signs

Some of these “signs” may be in the form of: happy and vivid dreams where you get to see, talk or hug them again; being surrounded by a strong aroma associated with your loved one; a special song connected to your loved one suddenly comes on just as you walk into a room or turn on the radio; the gentle touch of someone stroking your hair; hearing your name being called when you are alone in a room; a vision of the loved one; or a butterfly or bird that acts uncharacteristically like your own personal pet.

Who Receives Signs?

Millions of people of all faiths, even atheists and agnostics, have reported receiving a comforting sign or contact from a departed loved one.

Bernie Siegel, M.D. in Love, Medicine & Miracles, says he has experienced a number of after-death communications with patients who passed on. He would be out jogging, and he’d hear a voice say good-bye. He would come home and tell his wife that so-and-so had just died. An hour later he would get a call from the family telling him just that.

Dr. Lisa Miller, psychotherapist, and professor of psychology at Columbia University Teacher’s College, reports that in India, China, and Mexico, being contacted by one’s departed grandparents is something to be welcomed. Our ancestors being in touch with us is not only welcomed, it’s crucial.

Some celebrities who have reported having personal afterlife contacts and who have been courageous enough to publicly share their experiences are: the popular race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. who believes his deceased father Dale Earnhardt Sr. saved his life by physically pulling him out of a burning car.

Beatle member Paul McCartney believes the spirit of his wife Linda frequently uses a white squirrel to be with him when he spends time in the woods. Michelle Williams of Dawson’s Creek fame says that her ex-fiancé Heath Leger has appeared to her on several occasions, and that he has apologized to her for not helping her to raise their daughter.

Special Occasions

From my own personal experiences and those of my clients, many times these comforting, unexplained, spiritual experiences will happen as a result of prayer to God. Often times these afterlife contacts will occur on a special occasion, such as a holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, and birth of a child. Thus, the bereaved will have the added comfort of knowing that their loved one is there celebrating the joyful occasion too.

How To Get an Afterlife Sign

My professional and personal advice for those longing for an afterlife sign is two-fold. First pray to God to be blessed with a contact, and then state something specific to your loved one that you would recognize as a sign from them, e.g. a butterfly. That way when you receive your specific, requested sign, you will have the knowingness that your prayer has been answered and that your loved one is okay. From my grief work with the bereaved, these steps have proven to be extremely effective and have healed thousands of broken hearts over the years.

Benefits of Afterlife Signs

Receiving an afterlife sign can help to reassure those who are wondering if their loved one can still see and hear them. They bring the validating comfort that their loved one is around them in a spiritual way. Afterlife contacts can feel like a warm and soothing balm to the aching heart and therefore help tremendously in the healing process. They have the benefit of bringing the peace of bolstering one’s faith that we live on after death, and that our loved ones will be waiting for us when we too pass over.

May God bless you with many comforting afterlife contacts and signs.

Christine Duminiak

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Christine Duminiak has been in the field of spiritual bereavement support since 1998. Christine has appeared on The Fox & Friends TV Show, Good Day Philadelphia, The God Squad TV Show, NBC's Arizona Midday Show, NBC's The 10! Show, the Fox News Strategy Room, NBC and CBS News in Philadelphia, Open To Hope TV, Coast To Coast AM, The Medical View with Dr. Beth DuPree, Open To Hope with Drs. Gloria and Heidi Horsley and other radio shows around the country. -- A Certified Grief Recovery® Specialist -- Author of “Grammy Visits From Heaven” (AlyBlue Media), "Heaven Talks To Children" (Citadel Press); "God's Gift of Love: After-Death Communications”; co-author of Grief Diaries: Hello From Heaven. She is a contributor to the Grief Diaries Anthologies (AlyBlue Media). -- An International Spiritual Bereavement Recovery Facilitator -- Radio co-host of Ask the Angels on BlogTalkRadio -- The Founder of Prayer Wave for ADC’s--a non-denominational grief support and prayer group. -- A contributing writer to Open To Hope Foundation. -- The music composer and voice of the guided meditation CD, “Meditation of God’s Love and Healing--For Those Who Grieve ©.” Christine travels around the country teaching about afterlife signs at her "Signs From Heaven" (after-death communication seminars) and co-conducts with Sunni Welles their "Bridges to Heaven—For Those Who Grieve Seminars". Duminiak has given talks to The Compassionate Friends, MADD, Rotary Clubs, children's groups and general bereavement groups. A Certified Reflexologist and a Certified Energy Healing Practitioner, Duminiak has volunteered her time and skills to hospice and cancer patients, for women in crisis pregnancies shelters, and for women transitioning from substance abuse shelters.


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  • I am a firm believer in signs. My son who died last July loved Eagles in my time of prayer I’ve had at different times been blessed by Two close encounters with Bald Eagles. It was so unreal the feeling of joy and sadness. Also smells of him around me. Dreams that are comforting. My wife and daughter also have had encounters in dreams. My son was a great young man ,23 years old a very fine young man. His truck went off a steep mountain road and rolled and died of a head drama. A parents worst nightmare came true that night. Life will never be the same.

    • richard says:

      I just lost my 14 year old daughter, my only child, 2 weeks ago. She died of complications to diabetes type 1. I have tremendous pain and guilt. Has your pain gotten better? Have you received any signs personally? A few other family members have received some signs, but I have not. If I could just get “it’s okay daddy” – It would help me immensely.



      • Dear Richard, I am so very, very sorry about your dear daughter. Yes I have personally received many afterlife signs. But when someone is in deep grief, it is not unusual to not notice the “signs” we are receiving from our loved ones. So in the meantime, that is why your daughter is coming to other people who will notice and claim those signs and tell you about it. Comforting afterlife signs is a way of our loved ones letting us know that they are okay and are in Heaven!!! Your daughter wants you to know that she is okay, so while it is hard for you to notice her signs, she is letting you know through others. Please also feel free to come to my facebook group where we pray for others to get a comforting afterlife sign. It is called After Death Communication and Prayer Wave. May God bless you. Christine Duminiak

    • Dear Ronaldo,

      I am so very sorry that I did not notice last year that you made a comment about afterlife signs from your dear son. I am so happy that you are getting eagles! My dad sends me hawks! Please feel free to also share your experiences with my facebook group, After Death Communication and Prayer Wave. We pray for others to get a comforting afterlife sign. There are so many other grieving parents that could use the hope of receiving an afterlife sign. God bless you. Christine Duminiak