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My son, Keith, was 29 years old when he died by suicide. Suicide is a frightening word and it is not only ignorance but also fear and stigma that keep people from understanding why someone would take their life.

In a survey by the USA’s National Institute of Mental Health, it was discovered that 90 percent of Americans who died by suicide suffered from severe depression. Only about half received any treatment, and only half of those who did, received the right treatment. Studies indicate that the most promising way to prevent suicide and suicidal behavior is through the early recognition and treatment of depression. When neurological disorders go untreated, they can kill.

We must clearly identify the problem, depression. By being clear about the problem, we can have a more focused public discussion about what needs to be done to prevent suicides. We must educate and not let ignorance deter people from treatment.

I am Carol Loehr. Through my website, and The Ganley Foundation GANLEY FOUNDATION, we have designed a wristband. My daughter Cindy Loehr, created the statement on the wristband, Prevent Suicide=Treat Depression.

We are now distributing the wristbands. The Ganley Foundation has purchased these, so all you have to do is pay for the mailing of the wristbands. Thank you Ann and your family for the wonderful work you do in bringing about awareness that the leading cause of suicide is depression.

The only cost to you is what it costs us to send them. We will send the wristbands in quantities of 10, no smaller orders will be taken at this time, however larger orders will be taken in multiples of 10.

Please e-mail me at, if you’d like to order. Please include your mailing address and how many wristbands you would like. We are just doing this out of our homes, so please be patient with our response time to your request.

If you live outside the United States and would like to help with the process of mailing the wristbands please let me know.

I hope these wristbands will help erase the stigma of suicide and bring about awareness of the need to treat depression.

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Carol Loehr

Carol Loehr is the author of My Uncle Keith Died (Trafford), which addresses children’s questions about suicide and depression. Carol’s only son, Keith Loehr, died at the age of 29 by suicide in 1999. Carol has been an elementary and special-education teacher. She created and continues to maintain, a web site to help comfort and educate survivors of suicide, as well as clergy, health care professionals, and counselors. Carol appeared on the radio show “Healing the Grieving Heart” discussing “Honoring a Child Who Died By Suicide.” To hear Carol being interviewed on this show by Dr. Gloria & Dr. Heidi Horsley, click on the following link:

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