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Monica Borschel 

I am originally from Salt Lake City, Utah where I did my undergraduate in Psychology at the University of Utah. From there I was fortunate to attend ... 

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Kerie Boshka 

Author and motivational speaker Kerie Boshka has dedicated herself to helping others rebuild a life once one experiences terrible loss, confusion, l... 

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Betsy Bottino-Arenella 

Betsy Bottino Arenella was minding her own business as a suburban stay-at-home mom when her best friend?s one-year-old daughter, Sophia, died suddenly... 

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Elizabeth Brady 

Elizabeth and her family honored one of Mack's dreams by establishing the Mack Brady Soccer Fund to train and recruit the best goalkeepers to Penn Sta... 

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Lauren Littauer Briggs 

Lauren Briggs has been referred to as a true Renaissance Woman; multi-talented, accomplished and credentialed in her professional, spiritual and... 

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Patricia Brooks 

Patricia began her writing career by keeping a diary as a young girl and continuing throughout her life to keep reflective journals. She has publishe... 

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John Brooks 

Until my daughter, Casey's, suicide, I had been a senior financial executive in the broadcast and media industry. Since then I've turned to writing, m... 

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Joy Johnson Brown 

In 1978, Joy Johnson and Dr. Marvin Johnson founded Centering Corporation. The Centering Corporation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providi... 

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David Browning 

David Browning, MSW, BCD, FT is Director of the Initiative for Pediatric Palliative Care, an international educational project for health care profess... 

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Kelly Buckley 

Kelly Buckley is an author and speaker who, through the power of words, has connected with thousands of people worldwide. Her mission? To have a conve... 

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Lisa Buell 

Lisa Buell is a writer, activist, mother of three and parent of two. She works with Childrens Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition, Partnership fo... 

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Cidny Bullens 

Cindy Bullens is a critically acclaimed two-time Grammy nominee. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Cindy arrived in LA in 1974 with little more than ... 

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Marilyn Burns 

I started my career in mental health 34 years ago. I've always been drawn to helping others. I have many highlights in my career and the one that I ... 

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Cori Bussolari 

Dr. Cori Bussolari brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice, working extensively with children, adolescents, and families coping wi... 

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Ann Byrnes 

Born in Brooklyn, New York and now living in Westchester County, New York, Anne Byrnes thought that living happily ever after was a way of life ... 

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